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 Balboa Replacement Pump Cross Reference - Obsolete P/N Replacement P/N   Obsolete P/N Replacement P/N   Obsolete P/N Replacement P/N 0001E88 0035F88C   1010043 CALL FACTORY   1016059 CALL FACTORY 0001E88C 0035F88C   1010066 CALL FACTORY   1016060 CALL FACTORY 0001L88C 1010032   1010068 1010032   1016061 CALL FACTORY 0001E00C 0035F00C   1010101 1010031   1016067 CALL FACTORY 0001F88C 0035F88C   1010102 1010031   1016068 CALL FACTORY 0002E00C 0034F00C ...   More Info

 Balboa System Replacement Cross Reference - Spa Pack Retrofit Models OLD MODEL PART NUMBER RETROFIT NEW MODEL 1005LE 52482 53885-04 SYSTEM BALBOA GL2000M3 1005M7 52495 54210-01 SYSTEM POOLUX MAIN CONTROL PL 1500-2 52937-B1 54379-03 VS501Z 1900D 51404-07 54478-03 EL2001 2000 DX 51454-13 53857-04 EL8000 2005LE 52270 53323-03 SYSTEM BALBOA EL2001 MACH2 HTR AQU172 53346-02 54511-01 GS501Z AQU273 53347 N/A NO REPLACEMENT AVAILABLE BAL120 54067-C2 N/A NO REPLACEMENT AVAILABLE BAL2SP ...   More Info

 Blower Sizing & Wiring Chart - Make sure that your blower has been sized properly. Improper sizing can cause blower damage that is not covered under warranty. Always remember that bigger is not necessarily better. 1. Calculate the water depth in inches: Measurement from the surface of water to the air line + No. of feet of 2" pipe =    _________ + No. of 90° elbows x 5 =    _________ + No. of 45° elbows x 1.25 =    _________ + No. of 1/2 Ib. check valves x 4 =    _________ Total Inches of Water =    _________ 2. Find the airflow provided ...   More Info

 Original Replacement Spa Pillow Selection Guide - PILLOW-ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT CHART (2009+)   PILLOW-ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT CHART (2005-2008)   PILLOW-ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT CHART (2001-2004)   PILLOW-ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT CHART (1998-2000)   PILLOW-RETROFIT CHART (1998-2000) NOTE: The “Ball and Socket” Style pillows used in all 1998 model spas have been discontinued and replaced by the suction cup style pillows listed above. To utilize these pillows in spas with older ball and socket styles, install two (2) pillow pads (#6455-002) over existing ball and socket holes to establish a reliable sealing surface. *Replaces/retrofits #6455-460 Velcro style “Dual Lock” pillows (not shown).   PILLOW-ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT CHART (1986-1997) ...   More Info

 Spa Jet Basics - Spa Jets Explained: To troubleshoot spa jet problems it is helpful to understand how they work. The diagram in Fig. 1 shows the layout of a basic venturi tee for mixing air and water. Pressurized water from the pump is fed in through the water inlet drawing with it air through the air inlet which is open to the atmosphere or connected to an air blower. The air and water mixture exit from the front of the jet giving us the hydrotherapy action we all enjoy. Where spa jets go wrong: Many modern spa jets are not as simple as the older venturi tee style. In most cases the orifice is mounted in a removable "internal" assembly. Illustrated in Fig. 2 is a typical jet internal, this internal mounts inside a "jet body" in the spa wall. The water inlet is at the rear of the jet internal and the air intake is through the slot in the side of the internal assembly. The orifice is inside the internal wh...   More Info

 Spa Pack Picker - SPA CONTROL PACK ASSISTANT Buying Spa packs can be a tricky business, even for seasoned industry professionals. With this in mind, our experts at have created the “Spa Pack Picker” below. It has a list of ten straightforward questions that will take the guess work out of the complex process of buying a spa pack. There are explanations for all of the questions. At the end you will provided with a short list of spa packs that will fit your needs.   If you have further questions please call or email and one of our professionals will help you select the right equipment pack. TOLL FREE - (866) 400-AQUA (2782) ...   More Info

 Spa Pump Frame Sizes - Spa pump motors come in two main frame sizes: 48 Frame and 56 Frame. This number relates to the diameter of the frame of the motor, where the bolts connect the motor to the wet end of the pump. The easiest way to determine the frame size of your motor is to look on the motor label. The label will show the frame size abreviated as "FR". The frame will generally have some extra letters around the numbers 48 or 56. Both of the motors in this picture are 48 frame, even though they have different letters in the frame portion of the motor label. Example Motor Labels: If you cannot read the motor label, or if you want to double check that you have the correct size, you can measure the motor itself to determine the size of your motor frame. The measurement that you need is taken between two of the through bolts that run all the way through the motor and into the wet end of the pump. Example Motor Measurements: Click on the images to see a larger image. ...   More Info

 Waterway Air Systems - Air Controls Toggle Air Controls & TruSeal Air Controls Top-Access Air Controls TruSeal Air Controls Top-Access Air Controls & Accessories Top-Access Air Controls Air Control Options Top Side Valves 5-Scallop Valves 6-Spoke Valves Notched Valves Revo Valves "S" Style Valves Humpback Valves Pin Wheel Valves Water Restrictors, Valve Gaskets, and Air Bleed Water Restrictor Washer Tree Valve Gaskets Air Bleed Assembly Air Injectors Top-Flo Air Injectors Lo-Pro Air Injectors Blowers Stealth II Blower Santanna II Air Blower Technical Information - Blower Sizing Color Reference <a name="AirControls" ......   More Info

 Waterway Speakers - Spa Speaker Systems Magna Tune 6" Pop-Up Silo Speaker System Spa Speaker System 5-1/4" Coaxial Marine Spa Speaker System Flush Mount Speakers, Enclosures, MP3 Player Holders 4.5" Flush Mount Speaker and LED 4.5" Flush Mount Speaker Stereo Enclosures MP3 Player Holders Speakers Spa Speaker Systems   Magna Tune 6" Pop-Up Silo Speaker System Part No. Description 675-2010 Magna Tune pop-up speaker (Rotational) 675-2010L Magna Tune pop-up speaker (Rotational) LED 675-2020 Magna Tune pop-up speaker (Non-rotational) 675-2020L Magna Tune pop-up speaker ......   More Info