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Waterco Multicyclone 16 Pre-Filter
200370 $296.58  
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  Mulitcylcone Filter Stand Over Pump Version 2003730 $121.95

  Manufacturer: Waterco  

Waterco Multicyclone 16 Pre-Filter

Waterco Multicyclone 16 Pre-Filter 200370

Save Water, Save Power, Save Time, Do Less Work

The Waterco Multi-Cyclone prefilter saves water, saves heat, saves money and lets you clean your filter less often - all with a device that uses no power and has no moving parts to break. Every Pool can benefit from the Multi Cyclone Pre-Filter.

Good flow and proper filtration are the key to keeping your pool clear and easy to keep clean and enjoy. As your pool filter gets dirty, flow and filtration both decrease increasing the chemical needs of your pool and making it dirtier.

An innovative and green solution to this problem is the revolutionary Waterco Multi-Cyclone pre-filter, it simply catches most of the dirt before it ever gets to your filter and cleans with a simple twist of the wrist.

How Does the Multi Cyclone Work?

The Waterco Multi-Cyclone pre-filter works in the same way as the bagless cyclone vacuum cleaners that are so common today, incoming water gets sent through 16 individual cyclonic chambers. Here the dirt simply gets spun out into the clear bottom of the unit, allowing clean water to flow out the top.

Waterco Multi Cyclone Pre-Filter Features

  • No Moving Parts to wear out
  • Uses No Power
  • Can be installed on Any pool
  • Catches Particles as small as 10 microns.
  • Extends the Life and Lowers the Maintenance on the pool filter
  • Cleans Quickly and Easily, requiring only 3-4 Gallons of water (much less than backwashing your main filter)
  • Saves Water Often Heated Water
  • Flow Rating of 13-132 GPM
  • 2 Plumbing Connections

Waterco Multi-Cyclone Swimming Pool Pre-Filter Warranty

The Waterco Multi-Cyclone Pre-Filter has a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Waterco Multicyclone 16 Pre-Filter 200370 
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