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 Cartridge Filters - Cartridge Filters make use of large paper-like filter cartridges that catch dirt and debris as the water passes through them. Cartridges are made up of lots and lots of pleats that catch and hold the dirt that is filtered out. Think of a very long piece of fabric that is folded accordion style and then wrapped into a cylinder. Cartridge filters do a great job of filtering out contaminants in the water. They can catch particles that are so small they would pass through a regular sand filter. The trade off for this is that they are much more difficult to maintain. Filter cartridges have to be cleaned by hand, which can be time consuming and messy. Like sand, cartridges wear out over time. A visual inspection is the best way to determine if your cartridge needs to be replaced. Worn cartridges will fray, and look like a shirt that has gone through the wash too many times. The bands that go around the cartridge will break, and sometimes there will be cracks in the top or bottom of t...   More Info

 Choosing A Filter - There are quite a few things to consider when choosing a filter for your swimming pool. The first decision to make is what type of filter is best for your needs. There are three main types of filters: Sand, Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.), and Cartridge. For information on the three styles of pool filters click on the Types of Filters category on the left. One deciding factor in filter type selection is backwashing. Both Sand and D.E. filters must be backwashed,, which means dumping pool water with the dirt from the filter. If you do not have a place to backwash the filter, you may need to use a cartridge filter. Filter Size Sizing the pool filter correctly for the pool as well as the size of the pump is very important for the overall perfomance of the pool. If the filter is too small it may not be able to handle the amount of flow that the pool pump is producing. Undersized filters also fill with dirt more quickly, and therefore need to be cleaned more often. There is no suc...   More Info

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 D.E. Filters - Diatomaceous Earth Filters are more commonly known as D.E. Filters. They combine certain features of both sand and cartridge filters. Inside a D.E. filter is a series of grids with very fine mesh fabric. These grids do not themselves filter the pool water. The job of the grids is to hold a coating of D.E., which is responsible for water filtration. D.E. is a white powder that turns into a sludgy goop when it is added to water. This sludge spreads over the surface of the grids to create a filter that is very effective at removing small particles from pool water. The biggest selling point of D.E. filters is the water clarity that they achieve. This clarity is better than that of regular sand or cartridge filters. They also have the convenience of sand filters in that they can be backwashed, and don't require hand cleaning as cartridges do. The down side of D.E. filters is the D.E. itself. Every time a D.E. filter is backwashed, all of the D.E. is removed from the filter w...   More Info

 Jandy CL & DEL Filters Pressure Gauge

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 Pool and Spa Filter Cartridge Finder - Cartridge Filter Picker Easily find the correct high quality replacement filter cartridge for your pool or spa. Search above for your pool filter cartridge or spa filter cartridge, or fill out the information to the left. You can enter the information about your filter cartridge in any order to find the correct replacement pool filter cartridge or spa filter cartridge. ...   More Info

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 Sand Filters - As the name implies sand filters use sand to filter contaminants out of pool water. As water flows down through the bed of sand, dirt, debris, and other particles are trapped by the sand. At the bottom of the filter there are laterals (Pipes with openings too small to let sand through) which the filtered water passes through on it's way back to the pool. Sand filters are easy to maintain because cleaning filter requires only to backwash the filter. Backwashing means reversing the flow of water through the filter, so that dirt is pushed up and out of the sand bed and discharged out of a waste line. All that you have to do to backwash a sand filter is adjust a valve (known as a backwash valve) to reverse the flow, and adjust it back again when the backwash is complete. The whole process usually only takes a few minutes. The size of a Sand Filter is usually expressed in square feet, and refers to the surface area of the sand bed. Most pool sand filters are somewhere around 3-4 s...   More Info