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 Counting Automation Accessory Circuits - An "Accessory" is any one electrical circuit. Just think of a light switch. If you turn on the switch it controls the light. In fact it may control many lights. Either way, it still counts as one circuit, or accessory. Examples of circuits could be: A pump that runs a waterfall Landscape lighting A booster pump for a cleaner A fountain Poolside lighting For example, there is 1 circuit for the pump, which moves the water through the filter (and heater if you have one). That is controlled by the first circuit. This may currently be hooked up to a switch and/or a time clock. Just count how many circuits (switches) you want to control and check that the system you pick can handle that many. ...   More Info

 Hayward Automation & Sanitization Product Selection - Turbo Cells - Chlorine Generator Order Guide Aqua Trol - Salt Chlorination for Above-Ground Pools Salt & Swim - Do-It-Yourself Salt Chlorination for In-Ground Pools Aqua Rite - Chlorination for In-Ground Pools Aqua Rite Pro - Salt Chlorination and Chemistry Automation Aqua Plus - All-In-One Control and Electronic Chlorination Pro Logic Total Pool Management - Pool, Spa and Chemistry Automation E-Command 4 - Automation for Entry-Level Pools and Spas OnCommand - Automation for Aftermarket Pools and Spas Sense and Dispense - Salt Chlorination and Chemistry Automation Aqua Solar - Solar Control Systems Aqua Connect - Remote Pool Management System Aqua Pod - Waterproof, Fully Programmable, Wireless Remote Wireless Table Top Display/Keypad & Wireless Wall Mount Display for Pro Logic & Aqua Plus Wired Spa Side Remote Control and Wired Wall Mount Display for Pro Logic & Aqua Plus ...   More Info

 Jandy Control System Product Selection - Jandy AquaLink Control Systems Automates any pool or spa only, pool and spa combination (shared equipment), or dual equipment systems with the option to share a heater. Dual equipment does not require a shared heater. Variable speed pump interface and control, smart color lighting logic, plus chlorinator option that purifies pools up to 40,000 gallons. AquaLink Control Systems iAquaLink Web Connect Device AquaLink Touch AquaLink RS OneTouch AquaLink RS All Button PDA Pool Link Pool Only 2-Circuit Timer AquaLink RS Power Centers AquaLink RS PureLink Power Centers AquaLink RS Selection Guide Step 1A: Bundle Packs Step 1B: Order System Level Step 2: Order Power Center Step 3: Order Salt Water Cell Kit Step 4: Order Control System User Interface Step 5: Order Accessories AquaLink RS Conversion Kits Automation Accessories ChemLink OR...   More Info

 Pentair Automation (Control Systems), Chemical Controllers and Accessories - ScreenLogic2 Interface ScreenLogic Control Systems ScreenLogic2 Connection Diagram IntelliTouch Systems Step 1 - IntelliTouch Enclosure Kits Step 2 - IntelliTouch Personality Kits Step 3 - IntelliTouch Interface Kits Step 4 - IntelliTouch Accessories IntelliTouch Sales & Service Tools EasyTouch Control Systems EasyTouch Accessories Compool to EasyTouch Upgrade SunTouch Control System Remote Control and Monitoring Software Valve Actuator Valve Control Systems GFCI Circuit Breakers LX80 & LX820 Systems Commercial Pool/Spa Control Systems IntelliChem Chemical Controller AcuCheck3 Electronic Chlorine, pH, and Alkalinity Tester IntellipH pH Controller Chemical Controller Acu-Trol Commercial Chemical Controller For Commercial Aquatic Facilities ScreenLogic2™ Interface For IntelliTouch® ...   More Info

 Polaris AutoClear

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 Polaris AutoClear Plus

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