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Pool Covers

 Automatic Cover Trouble-Shooting Tips - The following is a guide for trouble-shooting automatic covers, including commonly encountered symptoms along with the problems that cause them and possible solutions. SYMPTOM PROBLEM SOLUTION 1.   Cover will not move forward or reverse. a.   Circuit breaker or GFI is tripped. b.    Water on cover. c.    Water accumulated between roll-up tube and pool. d.    Cover adhering to deck. e.    Torque limiter loose. f.     Motor needs service. a. Reset circuit breaker, b. P...   More Info

 Measuring and Cutting Solar Pool Covers - A solar cover is a very efficient and economical way to keep a swimming pool warm and extend the swimming season. During the day, soar blankets absorb thermal energy from the sun and transfer it to the pool water. At night the blanket insulates the water from the cooler night air, decreasing night time heat loss. Sizing and installing a solar cover is a simple process that requires nothing more than a tape measure, a good pair of scissors, and perhaps the help of a friend. Below are links to the three main steps of installing a solar blanket. techtips/cover.jpg How to Measure a Pool for a Solar Cover techtips/measuringpool.jpg Most backyard swimming pools are not perfect rectangles. Even those that are rectangular are rarely the exact size of a solar cover. This means that solar blankets have to be ordered in a size that is slightly larger than the actual pool, and then cut to fit the pool precisely. The first step in adding a solar cover to your swimming pool ...   More Info

 Safety Cover Measuring Instructions - SAFETY COVER MEASURING INSTRUCTIONS Step 1 Sketch the inside dimensions of the pool (see example) on the grid below. Include all details within four (4) feet of the waterline, i.e., coping (width), rocks, grab rails, waterfalls, spas, ladders, raised walls, uneven decks, planters, etc. Step 2 Make a chalk mark (number each mark) at roughly three (3) foot intervals around the entire pool. Be certain to number all corners, rail locations, fill spouts, or other obstructions if they are not removable. Mark areas at one (1) foot intervals when tight radius, rocks, raised walls, waterfalls, or similar obstructions are encountered. Diagrams with these types of obstructions should be accompanied by a photograph. Step 3 Establish two points, A and B (see example), roughly three (3) feet from the waterline at the closest point, and 2/3 the length of the pool...   More Info