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Automatic Pool Cleaners

 Automatic Cleaner Selection Guide - This is the step by step Aqua-man guide for selecting the correct pool cleaner for you. Step 1- Which kind of cleaner is right for my pool? Suction Side Cleaners - This type of cleaner hooks to a hose and either goes in the skimmer on your pool, or in a vacuum port on the side of your pool. These cleaner literally vacuum your pool any time that your pool is running. These cleaners are easy to install and are very good at pools that do not have a large organic load in the pool day to day. These cleaners tend not to be as affective if you have large leaves, or a very heavy leaf load. Large leaves or twigs can tend to clog up a suction cleaner and leave you cleaning them out frequently. So if you have a light organic load, this is the cleaner for you. If you have a larger organic load, but the leaves are small in nature, you can supplement the suction side cleaners with an inline leaf catcher and they ca...   More Info

 Letro Automatic Cleaner Cross Reference - UNIVERSAL PART* PM LEGEND PART* LEGEND II PART* JETVAC PART POLARIS (R) PART* SWEEP 1 & II PART* DESCRIPTION E10 * LL10     L10   Back Up Valve - Complete E11 * LL11     L11   Back Up Valve - Housing Body E12 * LL12 LX12   L12   Back Up Valve - Housing Top Cover E13 * LL13 LX13   L13   Back Up Valve - O-Ring for Housing Body ...   More Info

 Maxi-Sweep III - Instructions for Use - IMPORTANT INFORMATION WINTERIZING OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS MAXI-SWEEP INSTRUCTIONS ON POLE USAGE HOW TO CLEAN YOUR MAXI-SWEEP III FILTER CARTRIDGES WARRANTY IMPORTANT INFORMATION UNATHORIZED CHANGES TO A MAXI-SWEEPIII WILL AUTOMATICALLY VOID YOUR WARRANTY. CAUTION : GAS MODELS ONLY The Maxi-Sweep in should not be stored in an enclosed area containing chemicals or a source of open flame, such as a gas water heater, nor in any area not properly ventilated. All engines are shipped dry. Please consult engine manufacturers' instructions on proper oil and gasoline levels. CAUTION: ELECTRIC MODELS Vacate any persons from the water feature before vacuuming with this unit, as severe electrical shock or death may result to persons who are in the water where it i...   More Info