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Alternative Sanitizers

 Del Ozone Ozonators - Pool Information DEL Ozone’s Corona Discharge ozonators provide the purest and safest water imaginable for new and existing residential pools! The Eclipse line of CD ozonators provide fully-automated, low maintenance sanitation, supplying fresh, healthy water to pools up to 50,000 gallons. Simply plumb in, plug in, and enjoy! Ozone eliminates chloramines in pool water. Chloramines are the by-products of chlorine that make your eyes red, skin dry, swimwear fade, cloudy water, and water generally smell bad. Ozone removes chloramines from your pool as well as other minerals and organic substances (body oils and suntan lotions) that cause less than pristine water. More importantly, ozone also kills all known bacteria, mold, viruses, spores and cysts found in your pool water faster than chlorine. Ozone has been safely used for over 100 years in municipal water systems, pools and spas, and wastewater treatment ...   More Info