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Winter 2011 - Drains & Acid Washing
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Winter 2011 - Drains & Acid Washing

After a hot and extensive summer, pool water has a tendency to make things easier for all of us as it seems to require less attention on the chemical side during the winter. The pool may no longer need as many chlorinating tabs or weekly acid doses. Salt generators can be turned down and some filter cleaning or backwashing can be reduced. But it is not by any means time for us to kick our feet up. Winter time is perfect for performing quarterly full chemical checks allowing you and us here at Aqua-Man to focus on the overall quality and condition of the water. It is also a great time to figure out when the pool was last drained or acid washed.

Aqua-Man recommends your pool to be drained and refilled every 2-3 years. High stabilizer levels (CYA), high calcium levels, high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), and even high bather loads are the most common factors leading to a pool drain. We monitor most parameters weekly but even the best pool cleaning companies cannot do much when the water has reached a certain range of mineral content. Draining your pool will help save you money in the long run. Fresh water is easier to manage, diagnose, and treat, versus water that may be more then 2-3 years old which will ultimately reduce your yearly chemical cost. To rid the risk of plaster cracks and pools expanding, we recommend all pool drains to be done only if the temperature is below 80F. Meaning, winter time is the perfect time for this to be done because temperatures are much cooler. If you think your pool may be in need of a drain, give us a call and we will more then happy to come out and let our full chemical check give us an answer.

Aqua-Man also specializes in acid washing. An acid wash can give your pool its "original shine" back. We will manually drain the pool and scrub the walls with an acid/water mixture removing all the grim and build up from the plaster or Pebbletek. If the pool is feeling rough on the bottom or on the walls, an acid wash is sure to do the trick making the pool feel smooth again. If your mineral content is high and your pool is going to be drained, we can set up to have an acid wash done that same day. If you are local and have any questions regarding these services, feel free to call our Residential Route Supervisor. Luis is available Monday through Friday 7AM-5PM MST at 520-631-2135 or email