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Spring 2007 - Preparing your pool for Summer
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Spring 2007 - Preparing your pool for Summer

It has been a long and cold winter for some parts of the country. The east coast and mid-west have seen blizzards and ice storms. It even snowed in Tucson Arizona this year, a rare sight in this part of the world. The weather will soon turn to warmer, longer days and summer will be here before we know it.

Does your pool need some remodeling or just a good scrubbing? There are a couple of easy and affordable things you can do to improve the appearance of your pool. Ramuc pool and deck coatings can make an old chipped or discolored pool or deck look new again. Their Epoxy Pool Coatings apply easily, are durable, and come in a choice of four colors. They are an ideal and cost effective alternative compared to re-plastering. Ramuc Acrylic Deck Coatings with six color choices can make an old dull pool deck look fresh and new.

Sealant: Ramuc also offers sealants to repair small cracks or fill seams or joints on concrete, metal, glass, or wood. It can withstand continuous immersion and should be top coated upon cure.

Prep Kits: These kits are conveniently packaged in 2-gallon buckets and contain enough material to prepare a 15' x 30' (800 square feet) painted pool. Use two kits for unpainted surfaces. Use a Ramuc Surface Prep kit and make sure your job comes out right.

Application Kit: This Kit provides you with quality applicator products to use with Ramuc pool coatings. Using quality applicators increases the life span of the painted finish.

Ramuc pool and deck coatings, the easy way to protect your investment and recapture the original beauty of your pool and concrete deck.

March-April Specials

Maintenance Equipment

It is time to start thinking about swimming and backyard barbecues with family and friends. First things first, we need to get the pool ready for the season. That means checking the water chemistry and balancing the pool water. Remember to check the age and reliability of your test kit and reagents. If your reagents are over six months old they should be replaced.

Our pool cleaners and services technicians use and trust Taylor Test Kits because of their reliable and accurate readings. If you have a Taylor test kit and need to replace your Taylor Test Kit Reagents or you need to replace your old test kit with a new Taylor Test Kit you can find them in our Maintenance Equipment section.

15% Off all Maintenance Equipment
including Taylor Test kits

The Maintenance Equipment section also has all your Pool & Spa Cleaning Tool needs like Brushes and Spa Cleaning Tools.

Enter Coupon Code C430 when you check out to get the 15% discount.

Solar Covers and Reels

Get a jump on the swimming season with a Solar Cover to help warm up the pool by 10 - 15 degrees and extend your swimming season. Save money by cutting heating costs by 70% or more and save water by cutting evaporation by up to 95%. You need to get your pool measurements (For help see our tech tip) then go to our Solar Cover section and order the recommended size cover. Remember you will need to cut the cover to fit so get a little larger cover than your measurements. Take advantage of all the benefits a solar cover has to offer today!

A Solar Cover Reel will make it easier to remove, store and protect your solar cover when not in use. We have Solar Cover Reels for all shapes, sizes and configurations of pools: Above Ground Reels, In Ground Reels and Reel Accessories to repair your existing reel.

25% Off Solar Cover and Reel

Get 25% off when you purchase a Solar Cover and Reel at time of purchase. Just enter Coupon Code C431 when you check out to get the 25% discount off your solar cover and reel.

May - June Newsletter:

We will discuss Salt Chlorine Systems: Pros & Cons and what to look for before you purchase one for your pool.

Water Chemistry: why it's important and the four most important tests to perform at the start of each season.

Repairing a leaky pump: How to rebuild your pump or replace your pump motor from start to finish.

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